Wedding host / Evening host

Evening hosting in Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.


WEDDING HOST Planning of a wedding can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, the bride and groom create a vision of the wedding party, get acquainted with the services offered, and choose the services they like. In the second stage, a plan of the event is compiled according to the expectations of the couple. Often there is one meeting at the venue to discuss the details, in which, in addition to the bride and groom, the host, caterers, band, decorator and other partners also participate.
Compiling an event plan is often the task of the wedding host. The wedding day is a day when the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the party! The coordination of the whole event is done by the host in cooperation with the others involved. The role of the wedding host is to receive guests, introduce the schedule, show the venue, introduce and carry out wedding rituals and activities.

WEDDING HOST / DJ / EVENING HOST An evening host / a vinyl DJ is often invited to carry out an event, as it allows to combine background and dance music with various themed activities, cheerful games and special rituals.

EVENING HOST When carrying out events, I behave in accordance with stylish standards; the goal is to add cheer and fun to the atmosphere. The list of events I’m ready to lead is long, but mostly I’m invited to host jubilee and birthday parties; corporate parties / Summer Days and public events.


All service packages include the sound, lighting, DJ and presentation equipment for hosting and vinyl record spinning! A project manager helps to prepare and carry out events.